Research for better use of water

Water availability has an important impact on yield and fertilization requirements.

Adequate plant nutrition is key to make good use of water resulting from precipitation. If irrigation is an economically viable option, water management based on sensors to determine optimal irrigation rate and timing is a prerequisite to make good use of the scarce resource.

Yara research and development

Agronomic research in Yara investigates the interaction between water supply and nutrient demand. New knowledge is used to optimize fertilizer programs and to help crops to cope better with drought stress.

For irrigated crops, tools and recommendations are developed allowing a more efficient use of water. Yara’s water technology comprises leaf clamp sensors, soil humidity sensors and real time data acquisition and transmission equipment. Data is collected wirelessly and can be accessed via the Internet. This technology will enable farmers to further optimize irrigation.


Research has shown that maximum use efficiency can be achieved by combining water and fertilizer application, a technique called fertigation. Yara has developed fertigation recommendations for crops and regions where water and nutrient management is required.